Tears filling the eyes of audience
members and intense focus of others,
LJ had no doubt thought-provoking and
emotion-driven lyrics over tracks
combined with high energy engagement
was the objective behind his music.

7 years and 4 projects later through
several open mics, shows, and
churches, the founding of the movement
Do For Three aims to provide listeners
and participants of the culture behind
the music with an unforgettable

"I want listeners to question what they
put their faith in, have a solid basis for
hope, and then love through action."


LJ is an Indianapolis native intent on challenging the faith, hope, and love of listeners through the medium of hip hop.  Having a strong affinity for poetry at a young age from spoken word at local open mics, hip hop eventually had his affection.  Appreciative but naive, he soon found the culture’s destructive worldviews resulting from unanswered social ills participants faced, such as poverty,  fatherlessness, drugs, gang violence, racism, and misogyny were prevalent.

Around the same time of heavy interest in hip hop, a fellow classmate had introduced him to pornography in the school library.  Though uneasy, the mischievousness was enticing and led to unquenchable lust. Click after click, the insatiable, biting conscience to maintain an image untainted by these desires was intensifying; but who to tell, and where to begin?  At a crossroads, the summer before his high school year was the resolve that change had to happen.   The religious default would yield transformation upon immersion into a week-long camp, his first encounter making faith personal.

Despite transformation, this would be the most tumultuous era; with a family suffering from mental illness, divorce soon came on the horizon.  Instead of rising doubt causing abandonment to the fresh seed in his heart, it was the anchor during this transitional phase of education and family life.  Simultaneously was a revisit of the pencil and notepad, exhaling frustrations and thoughts into lyrics.


"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."


Do for three.